Choosing the right domain registrar

So you want to register your domain with a registrar who doesn’t play any dubious games. Choosing an ethical registrar requires a lot of research but few key points that can help you are a good domain registrar will:

never hides any fees
pays the registry for the same number of years you order, up front
gives you direct, unfettered access to your whois records, your registrar locks, your auth codes and even total control over your domain’s DNS settings
offers a free whois email privacy service and will never sell your data to a third party
who doesn’t “monetize” your domains
a domain registrar who answers the phone and basically doesn’t try to upsell you or sell you a bunch of services you don’t need or want.

If you would like to know more about the domain registrations/web hosting and getting your website name on the top of google searches, give me a shout.


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