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My top 6 ways to prevent your wordpress site from getting hacked

There are tons and tons of article you can find on the internet on what to do if the website gets hacked but I am here to give you some really useful tips that can help minimize downtime and prevent future hacks. Skill Level: Intermediate 1. Backup Backup Backup This is the first and the most important…
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Ever wondered what RAID in computing means?

Ever wondered what the term RAID in computing means? Here is an easy to understand article exclusively for Technoswift readers. To begin, RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or Independent) Disks. A RAID array is a collection of drives which collectively act as a single storage system (logical drive), which can tolerate the…
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Choosing the right domain registrar

So you want to register your domain with a registrar who doesn’t play any dubious games. Choosing an ethical registrar requires a lot of research but few key points that can help you are a good domain registrar will: • never hides any fees • pays the registry for the same number of years you…
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A Word about Domain Names

After working with a hosting company for 2 years, I noticed bunch of issues related to the domain names especially with the small businesses who were without the dedicated IT personnels. The domain names have to be renewed every year when not registered for more than one year which is often the case. Once a domain name expires it goes in the “Redemption” period and costs upwards…
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